Kristen Ritchie, PharmD

Senior Health Care Strategist, Vivid Clear Rx

Kristen Ritchie

Kristen Ritchie has been an impactful voice in the pharmacy world for many years, continuously bringing a unique perspective to the discipline from her experience in hospitals, schools, and other highly specialized areas. Kristen gained skills and experience during her hospital practice with a strong focus on hematology and oncology. She has helped mentor many pharmacy professionals with her knowledge of home infusion and specialty pharmacy practices. Kristen brings a passion for education, years of specialty experience, and her unique blend of commitment and enthusiasm to the Vivid Clear Rx team.

Kristen holds a doctorate in pharmacy from Creighton University. Kristen and her husband Matt are parents to three boys: Harrison, Max and Brooks. When she isn’t wrangling her kids, she enjoys cheering them on during their sports games, yoga, and listening to live music.