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Vivid Clear Rx

Meet Vivid Clear Rx

Mike Agostino

Vivid Clear Rx was founded in 2020. Vivid Clear Rx is a pharmacy benefits manager that is committed to providing affordable pharmacy benefit management services to employers throughout the United States.

At Vivid Clear Rx, our goal is to provide our clients with simple insights and true costs. We are here to provide solutions that will help our clients get the most out of their company’s prescription benefits — both in services and in costs.

Vivid Clear Rx is the newest subsidiary formed by Hy-Vee, Inc., a Midwest grocery retailer with annual sales of more than $11 billion that employs 88,000-plus employees across eight states. Leveraging Hy-Vee’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the pharmacy field through its business in both retail and specialty pharmacy, Vivid Clear Rx is uniquely positioned in understanding how companies can make the most out of every health care dollar they invest in their employees. In 2020, we signed Hy-Vee, and its employees, as our first client.

Clear Intentions, Clear Savings

At Vivid Clear Rx, we offer our clients a full range of flexible pharmacy benefit management services, powered by RxSense’s RxAgile enterprise technology, which provides clarity to those utilizing the company’s services. RxSense’s analytics product RxIQ provides real-time medication utilization insights through customizable data dashboards; financial, operational and clinical action alerts; and allows us the ability to quickly evaluate data by claim type, pharmacy or geography. Combining RxSense’s full-service suite of modules with Hy-Vee’s existing health care assets, Vivid Clear Rx is able to help guide clients to make informed decisions that will use their money efficient while also offering their employees the best benefits available.

“We are very excited to offer services in partnership with RxSense, as we know their data platform will help businesses make even better decisions when it comes to employee benefits and pharmacy spending,” said Mike Agostino, president of Vivid Clear Rx. “We look forward to helping employers around the country gain better insights into their pharmacy benefits spending as well as bring greater value to their health care programs.”

Employers interested in learning more about Vivid Clear Rx can contact us at (877) 848-4379 or email [email protected].