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Vivid Clear Rx

Brokers & Consultants

Welcome to Vivid Clear Rx. Your home for clear intentions and clear savings.

Vivid Clear Rx is a different kind of pharmacy benefits manager (PBM). We represent a fresh approach — one that is rooted in exceptional customer service and aligned with like-minded partners — and an unwavering desire to pass along clear savings to our members.

Vivid Clear Rx could be the partner you never knew you needed.

Vivid Clear Rx welcomes the opportunity to work with brokers and consultants who are also looking for a strategic long-term partner.

Vivid Clear Rx is built on the same foundations as our parent company, Hy-Vee, Inc. — a 90-year-old company dedicated to friendliness, honesty, and fairness. The right partners reflect these values and share our vision for providing a pharmacy coverage experience that shows clear costs as well as outstanding customer service to employers and members alike.

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Specialty medications make up the fastest growing and most expensive segment of the pharmacy market, accounting for nearly half of overall drug spend. We rely on 25+ years of experience in the specialty pharmacy industry to help our clients maximize the value of their health plan. We identify, evaluate and strategically manage the trends that drive plan costs, and work with best-in-class specialty pharmacies to achieve optimal health outcomes.

How We Work

Clear Guidance

We never lose sight of the fact that Vivid Clear Rx was founded on the idea of offering clear intentions and clear savings for both employers and members. We're here to help navigate the sometimes complex world of health care and pharmacy benefits. We strive to be a trusted partner when it comes to making the best choices for health care benefits dollars.

Cost Savings Recommendations

We've built a commitment to clear savings into our culture at Vivid Clear Rx, and that's what we promise all our clients. We're always focused on making sure we're delivering the best value to our clients, showing them the true costs of health care and passing along whatever savings we can.

Customer Experience

At Vivid Clear Rx, the customer experience is paramount. We bring the same customer service ideas and principles Hy-Vee, Inc., was founded on to every customer interaction we have. We'll do whatever we can to help answer your questions. Our pharmacy experts are available 24 hours a day, every day.

Additional Offerings

Vivid Clear Rx is your trusted resource for a number of value-added services within our PBM service offerings. These include access to Amber Specialty Pharmacy, integrated wellness and nutritional services, and help with analytics, market trends and individualized reporting.

"Vivid Clear Rx is dedicated to data integrity and a customer-first experience. This has been felt firsthand by the priorities they have set in our partnership. Their outstanding culture makes it so easy to work with them."

- Cole Scott, Fusebox One