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Vivid Clear Rx

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Welcome to Vivid Clear Rx. Your home for clear intentions and clear savings.

Vivid Clear Rx is a different kind of pharmacy benefits manager (PBM). We're committed to providing a pharmacy coverage experience you can clearly understand, as well as outstanding customer service whenever you need us.

Vivid Clear Rx is here to clear up any confusion with your pharmacy coverage.

We know that health care coverage can be confusing, and you probably have lots of questions. Getting the answers you need to make informed decisions is critical. That's why we're here to answer your pharmacy coverage questions – with answers you can really understand.

You'll never have to wonder if you're really getting the best value for your health care dollars with Vivid Clear Rx. We promise to deliver outstanding customer service each and every time you contact us.

  • Fill Prescriptions
  • Find locations that can serve you
  • Understand true costs you'll pay for those prescriptions


With Vivid Clear, you'll be able to easily:

Find a preferred pharmacy

We've built relationships with a network of retail pharmacy partners who will provide you with quality care and affordable prescriptions, and we'll help you connect with them.

Access special pharmacy services

If you've recently been diagnosed with a disease, trying to find the medications you need to treat that condition can add even more stress to an unfamiliar situation. That's why our Vivid Clear Rx team is here to guide you to the trusted specialty pharmacy partners who can help you navigate this new situation and help make sure you're getting the very latest in medications and treatments. Plus, our team can help you understand what to expect during your therapy and support you on your journey to healing.

Get answers to your pharmacy questions

Our Vivid Clear Rx team is focused on one thing: our customers. Our pharmacy experts are here 24 hours a day, every day, to answer all your pharmacy questions.

Just like our customers, every pharmacy coverage plan is unique — which means that there will be times when you're not sure if the medication you need is covered by your plan. Our Premier Formulary can help you determine if your prescribed medication is covered and what your next steps should be if it's not. If you're unsure at all, please give our team a call at 877-848-4379.

Member Portal

Log in to your Vivid Clear Rx account to access all the pharmacy information you need, including:

  • Your prescription coverage card
  • Your nearest Vivid Clear Rx-participating pharmacy
  • Cost estimates for your medication at participating pharmacies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We understand medications can be costly. Our team helps with researching financial aid options so patients can focus their time and energy on their health and well-being. This includes working directly with manufacturers to apply copay cards. We also work with grants and foundations to help patients apply for financial help.

  • The copay structure for each benefit plan varies; your company HR/benefits department can provide that information, or you can connect with one of our Vivid Clear Rx team members at 877-848-4379 or [email protected].

  • The Vivid Clear Rx team is always available at 877-VIVIDRX/877-848-4379 or [email protected] to answer your questions about any new or existing prescriptions. You can also see the most current list of covered medications at

  • You may. Depending on your health care plan, you may have a medical coverage card that should be presented for medical services like physician visits, hospital services, emergency room visits, etc. Your Vivid Clear Rx prescription card should be presented at your pharmacy of choice. Once your pharmacy has updated your prescription information, you won't need to present your card again unless asked.

  • Your employer has selected some preferred pharmacies for your plan, and you can find those in our Member Portal or by contacting the Vivid Clear Rx team at 877-VIVIDRX/877-848-4379.

  • Yes, with exceptions. Based on your prescription from your health care provider, you may be able to fill for a 60- or 90-day supply. Your participating pharmacy will be able to help you determine your eligibility for a longer-term supply.

Find the best price on prescriptions

We mean it when we say we want you to get the best value for your health care dollars. That's why we also provide a free prescription discount card that could save you up to 80% on your prescription medications, savings that often beat the price of an insurance copay. It's easy to use and just one more way we provide you with clear savings.