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Vivid Clear Rx

Controlling Health Care Costs in 2021

Mike Agostino

At Vivid Clear Rx, we are committed to providing the best benefits at the best value for our clients.

According to Vivid Clear Rx’s annual employer health benefit survey conducted by Credit Suisse, the three most influential drivers of year-over-year medical cost increases for 2021 are expected to be:

  • Specialty drug costs
  • General drug costs
  • Proliferation of high cost claimants

As a pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), we believe it is our responsibility to proactively provide our clients with insights into current and projected health care costs in order to help them make informed decisions that will maximize their dollars and the services they provide to their employees. We show our clients not only where their money is going, but also how they are paying for it, what it is going toward and what we — as their PBM — are currently doing to help control and manage their costs.

As we look to the year ahead and the projected key cost drivers, we will be turning to our channel partners to negotiate costs and services. Leveraging our preferred access with specialty pharmacies — including our sister company Amber Specialty Pharmacy and its sister operation Hy-Vee Pharmacy Solutions (HPS) — and our contracts with approximately 57,000 total pharmacies across the U.S., we are positioned to provide the best benefits for the best values to our clients.